Salt water pool pros cons


Salt water pools are very popular now because of their ability to safely control the chlorine levels in a pool. They are an alternative to using chlorine tablets and other pool sanitation system. Choosing a salt water system is really preference, below we explain the pros and cons of choosing a salt water system.

How are most pools sanitized?
You will find that most in ground pools will use an inline or offline chlorinator to generate chlorine. The pool owner must maintain the chlorine levels by filling the chlorinator manually every week or so, depending how much swimming they actually do.

How do salt water pools sanitize the water?
Salt generators are almost always installed near the filtration system of the pool. In a nut shell a salt generator contain two main components, a control box and a salt cell. Dissolved salt flows through the salt cell. The salt cells contain plates which are electrically charged by the control box. That process is called electrolysis and it turns the water into hypochlorous acid. That is exactly what happens when you add chlorine to your pool. After the water is fed back to the pool it will contain chlorine.

Why should you get a salt water system?
Salt water system pool systems takes out the hassle of constantly going to buy chlorine and having to manually handle the chemical which could be harmful for your health. Salt water pools produce chlorine that is less harsh than traditional chlorine systems. You also do not have to store chlorine anywhere on your property. Overall the benefits of a salt water pool system make this a popular choice for pool owners. They allow you to spend less time worrying about pool maintenance and more time with your family enjoying your pool for the summer.

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