Step-by-Step Guide for Pool Installation: From Planning to Completion

Swimming Pool Installation

Installing a pool can be a daunting, yet exciting project to take on. After all, you’re basically transforming your backyard and adding an aquatic, recreational space that happens to be permanent. So, there’s no going back once your pool builders get deep into the process. For this reason, we want to give you the full details about pool installation from the very beginning to its final touches to the finish. Keep in mind, though, that these details present an overview, whereas your pool contractor will outline the procedures in minute detail. Furthermore, this professional ideally will keep you in the know as the installation progresses. As you will see, some preliminary steps need to be addressed before you start marking the area for excavation. However, an experienced, knowledgeable pool pro will walk you through that part as well.

Choose the Type of Pool and Location

The first step in the swimming pool installation process involves taking some preliminary measurements of your backyard. Once you’ve determined exactly how much space you have to work with, you can start getting ideas for the type of pool you want and where to place it.

Obtain Necessary Permits

Next, you’ll need to contact your city or town hall for information about building codes and ordinances so that you know what permits are required for a pool installation. Additionally, you should contact your utility companies and ask them to mark the areas in your yard where lines or pipes are located.

Hire a Contractor

From there, you can start asking relatives and friends for their recommendations for a pool contractor or start your search online. Be sure that your potential candidates carry the proper license and insurance. Also, you might obtain quotes and design ideas from multiple pool contractors as to make an informed decision.


After conducting a soil test, the construction crew will bring in the heavy equipment which may include a backhoe and a dump truck for the excavation. This might incur some wear and tear to your grass, but most crews try to mitigate that damage.

Install Plumbing and Electrical Lines

Once the giant hole is created, the pool builders can install the steel framework (in the case of

the gunite pool) and/or start installing the plumbing and power lines. This includes running the wires and piping as well as placing drains in their proper spots.

Install the Pool

Finally, the ground is prepped. In the case of a gunite pool, the crew mixes and then sprays the concrete onto the frame. For a fiberglass model, the ground is stabilized with gravel before the shell is placed in the hole. Once the shells are completed, then any additional features, like fountains or special seating, are added.

Benefits of hiring a pool installation professional

As you can tell, a swimming pool installation is an intricate process that requires attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship. So don’t try to DIY it. Call Custom Pool Pros today for a free consultation. A highly skilled and experienced contractor can come out to your home to examine your outdoor space and discuss options in detail. Plus, you gain the benefit of sound advice from a pro who can give you a realistic overview of what would work best for your pool area.

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