Pool Renovation

Remodeled swimming pools NJ

We aspire to provide the best quality products and materials. At swimming pool designs we do it all from pools, large backyard renovations. No job is too large, give us an opportunity to make your backyard look spectacular!

As time goes by, normal wear and tear will affect your backyards materials, pavers could move or crack. Pool coping might also crack or lift from the cold winters if the pool is not winterized properly. Even if there is not any major damage in your backyard, there are still many reasons you might want to remodel your backyards, such as adding new features, materials fading, outdated backyard, or safety hazards.

When renovating your gunite pool, you should consider adding new features, such as new tile patterns. Adding an animal-shaped tile could give your pool a friendlier look. You can also consider adding a new rock formation for the pool or a waterfall feature. Laminar jets are also a nice addition to the pool, these are streams of water that contain light and glow when night falls.

Manmade pavers do not keep their look forever, once they start fading it could be time to replace those pavers. Choosing pavers is always a tough choice, luckily, we have a wide variety to choose from. We will always suggest the latest contemporary designs. A new patio with new patterns and lines will give your backyard a new feel to go along with other landscaping features.

Safety hazards in your backyard are a huge liability, that could put you and your family members in danger. Hazards like chipped pool coping, broken drain covers, warped dive boards, and mold are all good reasons to renovate your backyard and hire a landscaper like custom pool pros to get the job done!