Gunite Pools Construction & Resurfacing

Gunite pools are by far the most valuable and durable type of pool, making it the best choice for longevity and creativity. We have built gunite pools in Chatham NJ, Basking Ridge NJ, Watchung NJ, Bedminster NJ, and Bernardsville NJ. Gunite pools are made by spraying a mixture of concrete and sand mixture into a rebar framework. Gunite pools are popular for their durability versatility. Gunite is preferable over poured concrete pools that need a wooden framework, because of this, it gives the pool contractor the ability to create various shapes.

One of the best benefits that come with choosing a gunite pool are the different finishes that give it a custom look. For example, you can choose from an array of plaster shades to compliment your pool deck and coping. Custom steps and waterfalls are easy to add on because of the flexibility of the material. Gunite pools resurfacing are the most durable and require less maintenance over time making it one of the top choices for homeowners. Swimming Pool Designs NJ is a family owned business offering the best pool service in NJ, give us a call today for a free consultation.