Inground Pool Prices NJ

By knowing the pricing of an in-ground swimming pool, you can plan a primary budget and ownership cost according to the type of swimming pool you want to construct. The average cost of an in-ground swimming pool in America is about $39,084 according to a study by a company called PK Data. Keeping that in mind you can plan your budget. The pricing of a new pool in 2018 has changed compared to the previous years. To manage a swimming pool, the primary budget and lifetime ownership cost affiliated to the pool is to be kept in mind.

There are three different types of swimming pool. They are –

1. Fiberglass Composite Swimming Pools

A quality Fiberglass pool package consists of –

  • Pool shell
  • Delivery of pool shell to the site
  • Pump and Filter system
  • Installation
  • Water to fill the pool
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Building permit
  • Hiring contractors
  • Getting help
  • Scheduling and overseeing their work.

Self-installing pool saves labor costs. Assisted installation initially costs around $30,000. A standard fiberglass pool doesn’t require permits, delivery charges etc. The cost of a standard pool varies according to its size. On the other hand, a turn-key pool cost about $45,000-$85,000.

2. Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete pools or Gunite pools are the pools that use the process of applying concrete which makes up the pool shell. There is no major difference between the prices of Concrete pools and Fiberglass Pools. Turn-key concrete pool projects are available at $50,000-$100,000.3.

3. Vinyl Liner Pools

It has the lowest initial cost. However, the lifetime cost of ownership varies as the line is replaced every five to ten years. Moreover, maintenance cost has to be taken into consideration. Vinyl liner Pool kits can be purchased online at a very cheap price. There is also Base vinyl liner and Turn-key vinyl liner packages are also available between $25,000-$55,000.

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