Pool Repair In NJ

pool renovations

Custom Pool Pros have over two decades of pool building experience. When you need to get your pool repaired, think of us. The materials of your pool could be guinite, fibreglass or vinyl. Whatever material is your pool made of, it could develop cracks in the long run. You could have leaks with the drain, return lines, and suction lines. You may be facing issues with your pool’s filters and pumps. While these problems might prove to be a absolute nightmare to you, we have the expertise and the technical know how to fix any problem with minimum fuss.

We will also inspect your pool for possible snags and fix it too saving you trouble and money at a future time. Our team will consult with the client and keep them aware of the happenings. We always ensure the client’s approval and finish the task within budget. Just rest assured and leave your pool mending to us. Contact us we will fix your pool and make it look as good as new.

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