Pool Closing


As the season changes and the thermometer starts dropping you will have to start considering the timing of your pool closing. Pool closings are also referred to as “pool winterizing” this means the pool is prepped to take on the harsh weather of winter. There are many things to consider during this time, such as a pool cover, wrapping furniture, draining all water pipes. We are here to consult you on all the steps that you need to do this properly.

Before winterizing a pool, we will first make sure the pool is cleaned properly, checking calcium, pH levels, and chlorine levels. The pool will be cleaned with the best chemicals to make sure the water stays free of any viruses, algae and any other harmful contaminants. Properly closing your pool is something that should be taken serious in order to protect it during the winter. We can close all pool types, gunite, vinyl and fiberglass.

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